White rough ceramic pot

White rough ceramic pot

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These fancy dishes make eating a risk. Smaller bowls are suitable for children and can also be used as nuts. The larger size makes fruit a striking focus. Smaller sizes are stackable. It is made of unique coarse pottery texture and presents an organic manual appearance. The pot with two handles has a smooth outline, reflecting the irregularities of nature, and also adds a high gloss finish elegance. The speckle pot is a warm home for small plants, but you may also like to use it for storing smaller items on shelves or as decorations on the table.

Size: : 7.3 x H: 7.6 in
Material: Grainy stoneware with transparent glossy glaze
Care: Rinse with lukewarm water
Note: The handles are for decoration only when in use. Do not lift or carry the pot by the handles when filled.

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